Dec 8, 2014

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette Tutorial

Here is the link to the video:

Products Used:

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation
LA Girl Pro Conceal
MAC Studio Fix Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
Illamasqua Disobey Blush
Tarte Tipsy Blush
Becca Opal Highlight Powder
Anastasia Blonde Dipbrow
MAC Brow Set Blonde
Benefit Stay Don't Stray
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette
Chi Chi Bronze Ambition Eyeliner
Ingot Brown Eyeliner
Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara
xoBeauty The Soulmate Lashes
Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Coral

I hope you guys liked the tutorial! Are you looking forward to trying this palette?

Shan xx

Nov 23, 2014

Moisture Mist Christmas Gift Packs & Za Must Haves!

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to do a blog post to follow up my recent video, where I used all Moisture Mist and Za products to create a Shay Mitchell makeup look! You can see that video here!

There are a couple of Christmas Value Packs you should definitely check out if you liked the look of the products in my video. After I go through the Xmas gift sets, i'll show you a few of my favourite Za products! Lets get on with it! :)

First up is this value set including the Bronzer (called Translucent Pressed Bronzer) and Kabuki Brush duo!

The Kabuki Brush is so cute in Pink! Its very soft too. I haven't used this yet because it looks so pretty all clean! Haha! 

And up above is the Bronzer! When I used this for the first time in my video, I was absolutely blown away! I would recommend this Bronzer for people with a medium - deeper skin tone, as it is extremely pigmented and can be harder to control on fair skin. It has a subtle golden shimmer throughout, but I can't really see it on my skin. It just gives you that amazing warm glow to your skin - think Iggy Azalea in Booty! The formula is super soft and smooth, and blends out like an absolute dream.

This set retails for only $39! Its valued at over $63.

Next up is the other set I have, including a Beauty Cake Foundation and Cleansing Oil! This one is amazing value also! Again, its only $39 and valued at $63!

Both of the items in this pack are awesome! First up, let me talk about the Beauty Cake. This is Moisture Mist's most popular product, I can almost guarantee most of you who live in New Zealand have used this one before! Its still my Mum's favourite foundation out there! The reason I enjoy this for day-to-day wear is its super quick to apply, and super build able. Its great to just throw on before I head out the door, or to apply in the car while Hamish drives! Haha! You get a full sized Foundation compact in this kit, plus the sponge to apply it. I find this sponge works the best with this product.

Something I love about Moisture Mist powders and foundations is they come in a compact, where you can then buy refills for a cheaper price. Great for the environment AND for your wallet!

Next up, you also get the Za Deep Cleansing Oil! I have been using this a lot recently. It is a super cool product, and you may have tried similar formulas before in the past. The reason I love this one is because it doesn't block my pores and its much more affordable than other similar ones!

How I use it.... I apply this at night time when I am ready to remove my makeup. What I do, is I take 2-3 small pumps on my dry hands, and massage the oil on to my dry face. Once I have massaged my skin and eyes (your makeup smears all over the place at this point!) I then take a small amount of water on my fingertips and massage the oil until it turns into a milky consistency. Then, I rince my skin and wash as normal! It works so well to remove stubborn makeup.

Next up, I want to talk a little bit about the Za blushes and some of their lipsticks! Za and Moisture Mist are sister brands, and are both reasonably priced. I especially love Za, as they carry super fun shades of blush and loads of soft coloured lipsticks. If you love nudes and pinks, you'll love this brand.

I'm gonna start by talking about the lipsticks. These lipsticks are right up my alley currently, as you all know I am going through a glossy phase. These lipsticks are SO moisturising and gorgeous on the lips, and I especially recommend these colours to people who think traditional lipsticks look too harsh on them. These have a super beautiful soft finish, and look really girly and pretty!

This packaging... seriously?! So adorable!!

First, up above, are their Plumper Lips lipsticks. They're the ones in the tall *za za za* packaging in the picture above. Left is 09 Sunset Glow, and right is 04 Rose Vintage.

They are called Plumper Lips but they don't have that intense stinging plumping ingredient in them. I think the reason they make your lips look lovely and full, is because of the glossy finish. The colors in this range go from nudes to brighter hues, I have a lot of them in my drawer!

The formula is SO moisturising and smooth. It feels like you are rubbing butter on your mouth. Haha. The colour starts off sheer but can be built up, so the finish is perfect for people who think that traditional opaque lipsticks look too 'full on' on them. The glossy finish is my favourite!

I have one of these in my car and I use it all the time before the gym if I want a moisturising (my lips get so dry at the gym!) and sheer wash of color! Hehe

Next are the Pure Shine Lipsticks! Here I have swatched L-R PK2 Pretty Pink, OR1 Peach Melba, BE1 Praline, and PK1 Petal Pink!

You can see the opacity ranges from sheer to fuller coverage depending on the colour. I like these for very similar reasons as the lipsticks above. The formula is absolutely stunning and super nourishing. There are SO many colours in this line and I love them so much! There are so many soft pinks and nudes that look so gorgeous on. I recommend swatching them in store though, just so you can check the opacity is good for you, as I know some people prefer more coverage and some people prefer less. If you like a sheer wash of colour with lots of shine, you'll love these! Again, good for people who don't like a full on look.

Now I want to show you some of my Za blushes and highlighters! I am thoroughly enjoying these and have been reaching for them constantly since I first tried them in my video!

Top row swatches are L-R 05 June Bride, 01 Glowing Pink, and 02 Strawberry Pink.

June Bride is the perfect dupe for NARS Albatross at a portion of the price. Its a beautiful white gold shade which looks great on the cheekbones as a highlight!

Glowing Pink is one of my favorites as a blush. Its a peachy pink shade with a small amount of gold shimmer in it. Its very similar to NARS Orgasm blush. The application is beautiful on this one!

Third up, Strawberry Pink, is a beautiful cool toned pink shade. Gorgeous for a pop of color on the cheeks, the shade is super youthful and makes your skin glow from within. I especially think this shade would look gorgeous on lighter skin tones, but it would work well for any shade of complexion.

The other two are named 03 Pink Petal and 04 Apricot Pink. OMG these are so gorgeous!

Pink Petal is almost a brighter version of Strawberry Pink except it leans SLIGHTLY more peach. Its such a gorgeous tone on the cheek, I am in love with peach blushes. Definitely one of my favourites.

Apricot Pink is definitely a peach, not pink, but its amazing none-the-less. You guys can tell I love these right?! Haha. This shade warms up your skin so well, and looks super pretty and girly. As you can see it looks a bit powdery on the swatch, but I find the product blends in to your skin well and doesn't leave a powdery finish once it has time to settle.

I hope this blog post helped you guys out, and make sure you check out your local Pharmacies (or wherever Za and Moisture Mist is stocked) for the Christmas Kits as stocks are very limited. You can buy everything separately, but I suggest trying to find these kits as you can save a bit of money!

Some links:

Za NZ Facebook 

Stockists in NZ

Online store

Moisture Mist Facebook 

Moisture Mist Website

Online stores (Plus International Shipping)

Have an awesome day, I love you all so much!
Shan xx

Nov 3, 2014

Bellami Hair Giveaway! 10 Winners!

Hey everyone! If you aren't sure what i'm talking about here, check out my October Favorites video!

Bellami Hair kindly asked to do a giveaway with me! Of course I can't turn down an opportunity for my subscribers to be in to win some awesome goodies :)

If you are wanting to purchase, use the code "shan5" for $5.00 off any set!

Bellami Hair Extensions are my favourite and what I wear whenever I am rocking long hair. I use the 18" or 22" depending on my mood. I use the shade Ash Blonde but get them toned at my hairdressers for the most perfect match.

Anyway, on to the giveaway!

~ ~ ~

There will be 10 WINNERS in total!

International Giveaway Details: 

10 Winners will be chosen. Giveaway closes 11th November. 
Winners will be contacted via YouTube Messaging from Shaaanxo OR Bellami Hairs account.


2 people will win a set of Bambina 160g 20" Hair extensions
2 people will win a set of 6-in-1 Complete Curler Sets

6 people will win a BELLAMI Hair Care Essentials prize pack containing:
- French Kiss Mi French Argan Shampoo and Conditioner
- Don't Leave Mi: Leave in Conditioner 
- Untangle Mi: Detangling and conditioning spray

How to Enter:

2. Repost any BELLAMI photo and tag @bellamihair @shaaanxo #bellamiautumngiveaway 
3. Subscribe to 
4. Subscribe to 
5. Comment below this video answering the question You may comment up to once per day. QUESTION: Which BELLAMI Product would you love to try? 

Good luck and lots of love,
Shannon and Bellami! xx

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick & Lipgloss Swatches!

Hey everyone! So I know you must have heard me rave about Gerard Cosmetics before! Their lipglosses are among my favourites of all time, and their new lipsticks are proving to be favorites as well!

Check out my favorites video here: where I mention my current favourite shades by Gerard Cosmetics!

Also, check out this video here: for swatches of my Whitening Lightning lip glosses that I did a while ago. In todays blog post I am going to do some additional swatches of the 5 lipstick colors I own, and 5 more lipglosses! These products are AMAZING. 

I have some discount codes for you all at the bottom of this post as well :) 

I love the gold packaging! Super classy and cute :)

Lipsticks L-R: Nude, 1995, Tequila Sunrise, All Dolled Up, Fire Engine

Lipglosses L-R: Butter Cream, Cocoa Bean, Plum Crazy, Wild Orchid and Seduction

Each gloss has a mirror and light built in to the packaging! Super handy for applying your gloss on the go, or in dim lit situations like restaurants or night clubs.

On to the swatches! :)

For reference, here is my natural lip color

This first lip color above is Nude. This is one of my favorites and I have been using it quite often lately! Its the perfect nude which isn't too light or too dark. It doesn't wash me out, and it goes with any makeup look!

Next, above, is another favorite named 1995! This is the perfect 'Kylie Jenner' or '90's' shade. I looove it! I used it in this video here: This one also goes with almost any makeup look, and I think its especially perfect for Fall!

Next is Tequila Sunrise! This is the perfect peach shade, perfect with a warm smokey eye for summer! I am obsessed, you'll catch me wearing this a lot during the warmer months!

Next up is a statement pink! This shade is called All Dolled Up! This is perfect for you if you love a good barbie pink! Super bright and fun, and it can be worn day or night! 

Last up is Fire Engine!

Fire Engine is.... you guessed it.... a Fire Engine red! Its stunning, matte, and doesn't move! I am in love. This is one of my favourite reds of all time :)

The formula of all of these lipsticks is awesome - they feel quite matte on the lips but they aren't drying, and they don't budge for hours. I love every shade, and I feel like every one of them can be used on a wide range of skin tones!

Next up are the glosses. These glosses are awesome, super pigmented and can be worn alone or over top of your favourite lipsticks!

This is Butter Cream! The perfect nude pink. Such a great standard color for your collection that suits any makeup look and always looks perfect! This is a staple in my gloss collection.

Next, above, is Cocoa Bean! This shade is AMAZING. Totally underrated. I love how it looks with my warm smokey eyes! Must have :)

Next is Plum Crazy, a deep plum shade! I love this one too, a little more wearable than the previous shade if you aren't used to browns on your lips. This one looks gorgeous with smokey eyes, especially dark brown ones!

Next is Wild Orchid. This is a vibrant purple, and I am in love! For some reason it seems to be totally wearable, especially since its in a gloss form. You can wear it sheer or layer it to create an opaque finish. Super fun and a must have for any bold lip lover!

Last up, Seduction!

Seduction is a deep dark purple shade. It almost comes off black, but has a purple reflect to it! Super daring and bold, I love it! This would look awesome on top of purple lipsticks.

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I hope the swatches helped!
Here are some discount codes for you :)
'3for30' three lipsticks for $30

Also, use 'SuperPenDeal' To Get Two Super Booster Pens for $19 - I mention these in my favourites video (link at the top of this blog post) xx

Have an amazing day,
Shannon xx