Jul 4, 2014

NYX Macaron Lipstick Swatches & Comparisons

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you some swatches of the NYX Macaron Lipsticks. I am in LOVE with many of these shades! You would have heard me talk very highly of the purple one already. Keep an eye out on my YouTube channel to see my Review and Swatch video for these coming soon!

Buy these here, international shipping: http://bit.ly/OBlPVq - I see there are barely any shades though! Argh! Maybe keep an eye out, they might restock? I got mine from here a few weeks ago xx

There are 12 shades in total. Today I'm just putting in some lip swatches of each colour, plus some other lipsticks for comparison. Please note these aren't necessarily 'dupes', just similar colors for your reference. I hope this helps!

With some of the lip swatches you will notice some separation. One, its because some of these colors do seem to go on a bit sheer, so they are best worn with a lip primer or some foundation over the lips before application. Two, I also used a baby wipe to remove the lip colour each time, so this could have made it worse. They definitely look better from afar than in these lip swatch pics! When I wear these shades with a base, I have zero worries :) I love them (well, most of them!)

(L-R) NYX Macaron Lipstick in Rose, Collection Lasting Color Lipstick in Bubblegum, MAC Saint Germain, Limecrime Great Pink Planet, Dose Of Colors Love Potion, YSL Rouge Pur Couture #22

This shade comes off a bit brighter and lighter on the lips than it looks in the bullet. I love this shade! Its slightly lighter than my other favourite bright pinks - Great Pink Planet and Saint Germain. This shade is super neon and out-there, but easy enough to wear paired with a full coverage base and neutral eyes. I think this is one of the more 'wearable' shades of the bunch, considering they are all quite unusual!

Next up, top is Citron, bottom is Orange Blossom

(L-R) NYX Macaron Citron, Limecrime New Yolk City, NYX Macaron Orange Blossom, Limecrime Cosmopop, MAC Sweet & Sour, MAC Tangerine Dream

As you can see, NYX's yellow is far darker than Limecrimes one! I prefer the NYX - as, as far as a yellow goes, its more wearable. It also doesn't sit as chalky on your lips as Limecrime New Yolk City. I have a tutorial coming with this lipstick soon!

NYX Macaron in Orange Blossom is another of my favourite shades of the bunch. Its easy to wear, and I find it looks quite similar on the lips as Limecrime Cosmopop, despite LC being quite a bit darker and more orange based rather than yellow. This shade is super pretty, and different enough to the LC one to justify both! But, if you can only afford one, go for NYX. Its a great colour! Very similar to MAC Tangerine Dream, but a different finish. MAC is glossier, NYX is creamier.

Next up, top is NYX Key Lime, bottom is Pistachio

(L-R) NYX Macaron Key Lime, Limecrime Mint To Be, NYX Macaron Pistachio

I feel like if you mix both of the NYX shades, it would create Mint To Be. I LOOOOVE Pistachio, its such a neat colour! If you want to try something crazy, get it. I want to use it in a YouTube tutorial really badly. Key Lime is strange, but if you're in to that kinda thing, go for it :)

Next up, top is Blue Velvet, bottom is Earl Grey.

(L-R) Limecrime No She Didn't, NYX Macaron Blue Velvet, Sweetpea & Faye Yeti, Whitening Lightning Bahama, NYX Macaron Earl Grey

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These blue lipsticks are awesome! I wish they made a dark blue or navy also, but I saw on their Facebook page that they are formulating a range of dark gem inspired coloured lipsticks - yay!

The NYX Macaron lipstick in Earl Grey is gorgeous, its almost like a lilac based light blue. Love! So unique.

Next here we have my FAVORITE purple lipstick on the top, NYX Violet, and the bottom is NYX Lavender.

(L-R) Melt Darling, MAC Kelly Osbourne in Dodgy Girl, NYX Macaron in Violet, Limecrime Airborne Unicorn, Limecrime D'Lilac, Limecrime Chinchilla, NYX Macaron in Lavender, Whitening Lightning Bermuda, Aboni Party Life

Violet is the BEST purple I own. I am obsessed. Its deeper, so its easier to pull off. Its so pigmented… so creamy… so amazing! Lavender is similar to D'Lilac but better. I think its more wearable as it isn't as bright! Love!

Next up, Black Sesame, Chambord and Coconut.

(L-R) NYX Macaron Black Sesame, MELT Spacecake, NYX Macaron Chambord, Whitening Lightning Borneo, Whitening Lightning Phuket, NYX Macaron Coconut

These three are my least favourite provably, just because they are so 'meh'. BUT, if you are looking for cheap greys, blacks or whites, go for it! I prefer the glosses though, from Whitening Lightning. They are super pigmented and look nice, I would reach for them over the NYX. The light grey is quite unique though, I have to say!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! I will have the video up for you guys soon, so if you have any more questions, I probably answer them in the video!

Love you guys! You can order these lipsticks here with international shipping: http://bit.ly/OBlPVq

Shannon xx