Oct 13, 2014

Benefit's Holiday Gift Sets - Perfect Gifts For Any Makeup Junkie!

Hi everyone! 

Christmas is my favourite time of year…. do you want to know why? CHRISTMAS MAKEUP SETS! They get me every time. Its the time of year where a huge array of brands bring out their value sets which are perfect for giving, receiving…. and self gifting too. #LOVEYOSELF

Here are a few gift sets that Benefit Cosmetics have brought out for the holidays! Check out your local Benefit store and track these babies down!

Also, see my previous blog post for the Too Faced Holiday Set review I did :)

First up is this Beauty Bonbons set! This comes packaged in a super cute tin. I love it when you can reuse packaging for something else, as I am constantly throwing away and recycling other packaging… cardboard, plastic… you get the idea. Its nice to reuse, it eases the soul a bit haha

In this set you get a full sized Hoola Bronzer (one of my favourites) and High Beam liquid highlighter, a mini Porefessional, mini They're Real, and a mini Hoola Lipgloss! This set is perfect for a gift to a friend wanting to dabble in Benefit makeup, as you get a range of things to try out! Or, perfect for you - and perfect for travel too.

 Next up is this tinted set! Its called Sweet Tintations and includes two Benefit lip tints and two mini Benefit face tints. I must say, if you have wanted to try out Benefits tints this is perfect. The mini sized tints will last you a very long time, and the lip tints are my FAVORITE things ever for if I am not wearing makeup, or for at the gym. They give the perfect sheer coverage of colour which amps up your natural lip shade and looks so naturally gorgeous. And they hydrate really well too!

 Next up is a fragrance set! They are Benefits own Crescent Row Fragrances, but in mini size. This is the kind of thing I would buy a best friend for Christmas. The packaging is to DIE for! Its the perfect vanity accent, and the scents are delish! I recommend going in store and smelling them yourself, yuuuum

Next is one of my favourites! Benefit Goodies A Go-Go! It comes in a gorgeous tin again, which is awesome because its pretty lightweight and very strong and sturdy. Perfect for travel. You get four gorgeous shadows, a mini Stay Don't Stray (one of my favourite primers) and a mini They're Real mascara! Love.

This next one above is another great value set! Its their Pretty Parfait tin containing four best sellers! A mini Porefessional, a Stay Don't Stray, which as I just said I loooove, a They're Real mascara, and a Gimme Brow (another favourite!)

Next up is the ultimate mini set, something perfect for travel or for a Benefit Newbie! Its called the Fun Sized Flirts! Cuuuute!

 A face serum, Pore Fessional, That Gal, Ooh La Lift, Bad Gal Lash, They're Real Mascara, Dandelion Powder, Stay Don't Stray, Posietint and Sunbeam!

Literally a little bit of everything, perfect for the makeup loving junkie in your life. Show that one to your boyfriend….hint hint!!

Hope this blog post helped you all out, love you guys so much!

Shan x


  1. I wanna get my hands on the Beauty Bonbons just for the packaging ^^ everything looks great! I also really like the Sweet Tintation pack xx

  2. Hehehe may have to share this post with the BF! πŸ˜œπŸ’‹ Thank you for sharing! πŸ‘

  3. So much cuteness! Any idea on $NZD pricing for these?

  4. These all look adorable! I've never tried benefit products before but I have always wanted too, I wish they had a store here in the South Island!


  5. Oooh these look good! Do you have any idea of the prices, Shannon?

  6. I love this holiday sets so much! I bought one last year and i love IT! :)

  7. can you do a review on all of these on youtube :)))

  8. These posts make me crazy. A really need all these sets!


  9. You're so hilarious- I love your approach to blogging/YouTube, and every time I see more of your personality I love you more. I dislike benefit as a brand, so I'll be skipping out on these- they always KILL the packaging but the quality is usually hit and miss for me :(

  10. These sets look fabulous! I really can't decide which I want the most! Xx

    My blog - Leah Talk

  11. OMG!!
    The very best of Benefit!.. I mean, the whole collection! I got crazy! ;)
    Great pictures as well!
    Thanks for sharing with us, Shannon!! ;)



  12. Weeeeh *.*
    Want the last set so badly :D!!

  13. LOVE the beauty bonbons 0,o' looks perfect! Hihi like it all!

  14. WOW so many amazing beauty products, its like heaven for me! <3
    I have a mini heaven over at my blog as well THE BODY SHOP HAUL check it out LBD: Lifestyle, Beauty, Divinity

  15. I want these!!😊😁


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  17. I just noticed that they published different sets in different countries. In England the Pretty Parfait set contains full size Benetint, full size They're real mascara, mini Porefessional and mini Laugh with me Leelee

  18. My gosh. I am so Jealous right now, I would so want that! :)

    Sarah @ beautistique.blogspot.co.uk

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