Sep 23, 2014

Soap & Glory Mini Haul!

Hey everyone! My beautiful friend Stacey from helped me grab some Soap & Glory products to try! This brand is available readily in the UK, and seems to be available in the USA, Canada and Germany according to the website. Here in New Zealand, its near impossible to get unless you are lucky enough to have a friend abroad!

If you want to use a shipping service, you can grab it off Sephora

This is a collab with Stacey too - check out her S&G post here

I am gonna talk about four products briefly today - the Kick Ass Concealer, Glow All Out,  Solar Powder and Peach Party

First up, the Concealer! 

"With long-lasting coverage that leaves skin looking revived and refreshed, this roll up, multi-tasking concealer crayon is perfect for girls on the go!"

haven't used this on my face yet, so will do so in a video for the first time! From the swatch, it feels very hydrating and appears very bright. Im hoping it doesn't sink into my fine lines since its such a creamy formula. It looks beautiful! Have any of you tried it?

Next up, is Glow All Out. This reminds me of Benefit Dandelion slightly, except this has a more luminous finish. In the swatches it looks quite powdery, but on the face this leaves a beautiful glow. 

'Use it to lift up your cheekbones or dust lightly all over for a 'moonlit' look. Featuring LIGHTSCRAMBLE™ Luminospheres Pigment Pearls and extended wear silicone technology.'

Next, Peach Party! This is a 'Blush Brick' in the shade Apricot Jam. It is super shimmery, and great to wear near the top of your cheeks and on the top of your cheekbones. What I also like about this, is you can wear each shade on your eyes as a shadow. It looks gorgeous paired with a bronze makeup look to warm up your complexion

"SUPERNATURALLY SEXY, INSTANT LUMINISING, MULTI-COLOUR PEACH PARTY BLUSH BRICK features a mix of peach, copper & gold pearlised pigments. Mesmerising. Multi-dimensional. It’s a must-have for ladies who want a peachy-perfect summer glow."

Last up we have a bronzer! This is called Solar Powder. This is quite a natural looking bronzer. Top swatch is the 'highlight' shade, which is more of a natural light bronzer shade. Middle swatch is the bronze part, and bottom swatch is both mixed together. I wouldn't use this as a highlight and bronze duo, I would mix them both together and apply to my cheeks for a sunkissed glow. The 'shimmer' is very soft!

'Brilliant, brush-on, multi-shade shimmering bronzer & highlighting brick for beautifully luminous skin. The greatest glow on earth!'

Thats everything! Have any of you tried these products? Thoughts? 
I'll use them in some videos soon! 

Check out Staceys post HERE for more Soap & Glory goodness! Hint: she's holding a giveaway!



  1. I am from the UK and have only just heard of S and G but am willing to try when funds allow.

  2. In case you want to grow natural and healthy hair please visit my blog, i'm just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank you!!! Kisses from Barcelona!

  3. If you wanna try some more Soap&Glory, for example their body washes or body butters (wish are amazing) you should try order them from They claim worldwide shipping (free over 35 GBP). I order stuff from there all the time and I ship to Sweden. Works like a charm and they have supernice services. Try it! I love Soap&Glory and I recommend especially their "Clean on me" body wash. Love you Shan, you are the best!

  4. Here in Australia they have Soap & Glory in Mecca! Not sure if New Zealand stocks it in Mecca but it's worth a shot.
    Haven't tried any of the above products, but I would definitely recommend you getting your hands on the body butters / body products they offer, they're amazing!

  5. Ahh these look soo great! We have a limited selection of S&G products at one drugstore here in Canada, mostly skincare but none of these makeup items! Really hoping they will bring the extended line here soon <3 Can't wait to see these in a future tutorial :) xx

  6. I really want to try these! Great post Shan xx

  7. Holy crap, I love everything about their package and design! I saw these in Sephora not long ago but didn't even think to have a closer look at them :( Can't wait to see these in a tutorial maybe?

  8. I really want to try the bronzer! Looks incredibleeeee

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