Jun 9, 2014

New Chi Chi Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes, Swatches & Review

Hey everyone! I asked you guys on Facebook to give me some Blog Post suggestions. This was not one of them, but I suddenly remembered that I received the brand new Chi Chi Glamorous Eyeshadow Palettes the other day, and I wanted to swatch them for you! I am going to keep that list of suggestions for my next posts. Thank you!

I have a quick yarn to spin with you guys, because every time I do a post/video on one brand I get backlash. I don't need to explain myself, but I want to.

Please note that just because I get sent makeup from a company doesn't mean I'm going to show you it, let alone give it a positive review. Before receiving press product (free makeup etc) from a company, I tell them that I will only review if I genuinely like the product - and that I will always give honest feedback and say any negatives about the product if I feel it needs to be mentioned. I never lie to you guys. Also, if I write a positive review it doesn't automatically mean I'm being paid. I'm not legally obliged to tell you if something is sponsored, but I still do in the downbar of my videos. I value your trust. This post isn't sponsored by the way. I feel like I could write an entire blog post about this. Skip ahead if you don't care LOL

It hurts me when people think that I am a sell out. I probably only show perhaps 20% of the products that I get sent.... because I only show you the things I truly love. I know that even if I love something, it doesn't 100% mean everyone else will, but if it works for me I'm going to tell you. I do not lie, and the reason is.... why would I? If I start lying about products to you guys, and you go out and purchase these with your hard earned cash, and its shit.... and if this happens over and over.... You will lose trust in me. With that being said though, make sure you always do your research before purchasing something so you know what you are in for, as everyones preferences, skin colouring and skin type is different. I will always honestly tell you how it worked on myself. I appreciate you guys, I wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for you. I would never risk that. Trust is everything. And with that being said, if I ever do sponsored content, its because I genuinely love/use the stuff. I don't lie. Nuff said. The Hunt and Audible can offer me all the money they want but I don't want it, because I don't use that stuff! Fair enough to people that do, thats cool, but I think you get my point now. Haha! 

Now on to the good stuff...

So, recently, Chi Chi Cosmetics brought out 4 new palettes. There is now a selection of 12 palettes to choose from! I am a huge fan of Chi Chi Eyeshadow Palettes. They are both affordable and high quality. There are sometimes a few shades in the palette which aren't as amazing as the others, but overall I love Chi Chi Palettes just as much as my more high end ones. Majority of the time, their shadows glide on like butter! I'm a fan!

On to the new Palettes.... They are named Naturals, Elegant, Metallic and Smokeys. I am so excited about these! Keep reading for swatches and my opinions. 

Buyers information will be at the bottom of this blog post! :)

First up is the Chi Chi Metallics Palette. I love the colour selection of this one! Metallic shades are totally on trend right now as well! This palette can be worn year round... Plenty of gorgeous colour for Spring and Summer, but still toned down enough for Winter and Autumn with the neutral taupes and muted shades. Check out how gorgeous that pale gold is!

As you can see, most of these shades are decently pigmented. I haven't used a primer for any of my swatches today. Two or three of these shades are a wee bit powdery, but that doesn't bother me too much as the pigmentation makes up for it. You will just need to tap off the excess before applying on the lid to avoid fall-out, and blend well! Most of the shades are like butter though... They apply just like my higher end shadows. The greeny-blue is so gorgeous and unique, and i'm loving the golds and browns! You can create both neutral and colourful looks with this palette. 

Next up is the Chi Chi Smokeys Palette!

I have a love hate relationship with this palette... I'll explain more below. I love the blue shade in this palette, very similar to MAC Contrast which used to be my favourite shadow! All of the colours in this palette can be utilised in a great smokey eye! 

Most of the shades, again, are like butter. Go on velvety smooth, pigmented, soft..... But there are still a few that are quite patchy and chalky. Im sure this could be avoided with a good primer! The reason I'm a wee bit disappointed with this one is because many of these shades look too similar! I wish there were a few warmer shades thrown in there, just to mix it up a bit. The maroon and blue are stunning! I also love the super glittery gunmetal next to the pale silver - I'm impressed that it holds its glitter still once its swatches, as a lot of glittery shadows lose the effect once applied. The pale taupes and silvers are stunning too.... but as I said, I wish there was a bit more variety. I don't need that many dark grey/charcoal/black shades in one palette.

Still a very good purchase for someone wanting to get into more dramatic eyeshadow looks, but I wouldn't purchase this one first as the possible makeup looks are a little more limited with this, especially if you are a beginner or natural makeup wearer.

Thats where this next one comes in! Can we say 'looooove'......

This Chi Chi Naturals Palette is gorgeous! Another favourite for sure. I would recommend this one if you are new to eyeshadow. The shades are generally quite light in tone, so they can be worn very naturally. There are also a few darker shades, so you can amp up your look for night time. There is a nice range of both cool and warm tones which is perfect for creating a variety of neutral looks!

These eyeshadows aren't noticeably powdery. They glide on beautifully! The quality is amazing, just as I expected from Chi Chi. I especially love the metallic shimmery shades from this palette, with one of the taupes reminding me strongly of MAC Satin Taupe, one of my favourites. There is an amazing highlight shade, shimmery inner corner shade, and a variety of matte and shimmery colours for the lid and crease. I think this one is definitely worth picking up! I think I like this better than Chi Chi's previous neutral coloured palettes, which I love also.

Next is the Chi Chi Elegant Palette, another great staple for your collection!

This one is also quite neutral, but more cool toned. Some of the shades lean slightly purple! This palette is perfect for any party-goer as it has some shimmery and glittery shades. You're never going to look too over-the-top with this palette as it is very wearable - but because it has some slightly purple shades, its a bit more dramatic than neutrals.

This is so gorgeous! I would almost imagine using something like this on a bride.... So elegant and timeless. A couple of the shimmery shades are a wee bit powdery, but as I said above, just make sure you use a good base and you won't have any troubles. As always with Chi Chi, the pigment is great. I am in love with that cool toned brown, the one with purple glitter in it! OMG! Another favourite.

So which one is my favourite? I can't choose.... If I had to leave one out it would be the Smokeys Palette, just because there isn't as much colour variation. I highly recommend the other three!

Haaaay makeup porn.

Okay, wanna buy these? Here are the deets.

They are available online already from http://www.chichicosmetics.com/eyes/glamorous-eye-palettes - Chi Chi does ship World Wide but the shipping cost can get a wee bit pricy. I would recommend saving up and buying a few things with a friend if you are shopping from a country far away. Or alternatively, you can spend a certain amount and qualify for FREE worldwide shipping, check out the details here http://www.chichicosmetics.com/shipping-returns

Aussies, check out Myer and Target. They are out already. New Zealanders, they're coming soon to a Farmers near you! Keep an eye out :) 

RRP $22.95AUD

Would you like to see any tutorials with these? Let me know which one you like the look of the best. 

Love you guys so much :)
Shannon xx


  1. Definitely going to have to add the Elegant Palette to my collection! I have the Classics and looooove it! xx.

  2. Elegant is my favorite. Shipping costs are truly way too high. Its $25 to Bosnia. We are a bit far away, but still...

    1. Heeey, I'm from Bosnia too.
      My favourite is Neutrals, and yeah it's really expensive to ship them to Bosnia. Haha :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I first saw these on the Chi Chi instagram and instantly fell in love with the Elegant palette and now seeing your swatches of the Metallics palette I need that one in my life too. Would love to see tutorials for these x

  5. The Elegant palette looks amazing! It needs to join my makeup collection asap! ♡


  6. would love to see some ways to use the elegant palette, love the colour scheme!

    1. or maybe which colour tones would suit different eye colours/ skin tones etc

  7. Yes please a video would be great! The Elegant and Naturals palettes are just gorgeous! Thanks for the informative read Shan xxx

  8. Love this post! I really don't understand people who exploit the viewer or readers trust. It's good to know that you always tell the truth! Very refreshing in this industry. Thanks for always been trustworthy!


  9. I want to see a tutorial done with the Elegant palette especially. I think its gorgeous. I don't know that I would personally wear the purple shades in there as I don't think it would work on my eye colour, but for the most part, it is my favourite. So I would get that one and the Neutrals and I probably will when they come out at Farmers :)

    Love the post too. I think you do these perfectly. I always trust your judgement because I totally believe what you said at the top. You have the right attitude towards all of this and I think that is one of the reasons you are so successful <3

  10. Im going grab these on Wednesday so excited! Beautythink.org

  11. the way that white shadow almost completely blanked out your tattoo is amazing! i'll be picking up the elegants as soon as i can. loved this post shan! x

  12. Just a heads up errbody, target had 30% off all chichi products, unfortunately new palettes are not available there just yet. Meyer had a great deal, spend $30 get the foundation free, probably not still available as i think it ended on Monday, BUT they do have the new palettes.

  13. Would love to see a tutorial with the Elegants palette :)

  14. Ooooh.... I'm loving those elegant and neutrals palettes! Would love to see you do a tutorial with either of those please? xx

  15. This is a great post! I love the range of colours in the metallics palette, and they're a really good price for so many shadows, even if some are a bit meh. I've been loving your blog posts recently.


  16. Can't wait to see you use some of these in tutorials! And good on you for speaking your mind at the start, it is sad that people will think you just get paid to write good reviews and that is it. Love your honesty and I know you will always give thorough reviews that are truly your own thoughts and that's why I love your vids!

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life

  17. looks amazing, defiantly need to try the naturals!

  18. Looks soooo amazing!!!! Are there any matte shades in them?

  19. would love to see natural and metallic eye look :)

  20. Love the naturals!!! a tutorial with any one of these palettes would be awesome!

  21. Would love a tutorial with the Metallics Palette! Something easy to wear day to day! :)

  22. More detail needed, Shan:

    1) How did you swatch them? Wet or dry? One swipe or several?

    2) Which colours are matte?

    3) Which colours are the powdery ones you don't like? How many powdery versus "good" ones in the set?

  23. Theses palettes are sooo pretty! Love the naturals one though. Would love to see tutorials using them :)


  24. Just went out and bought the elegant palette and the old bronzes palette. Love it! Eeee thanks Shannon

  25. Gosh, ppl need to wise up a bit about paid opinions. As if the really big and successful vloggers will do anything to jeopardize their integrity. Trust and honesty is what they are all about. I'm sick of hearing disclaimers in videos cos like, really? You think that? Then don't watch youtube. You can shit for free and still have an honest opinion!!! Takes me back to Emily noels review on the sigma cleansing glove. *rolls eyes*
    Anyway, rant over. I think I'd purchase the metallics amd naturals. They have so many palettes and a lot of the shadows seem to be im every single one of them. Confusing.
    Could you a SERIES on these palettes? Like using one palette for a few looks and using shadows from that palette exclusively? No one really uses shadows exclusively from onepalette even though you could. I guess this makes it easier to figure out which bloody palette to buy.
    Thanks for the post. :))

  26. Oh Shannon! Thank-you so much for this post! I've recently given up on a few of my favourite YouTubers because I just can't trust them anymore, and I'm annoyed at myself for taking everything they said as gospel before realising that what I was watching were just glorified advertisements. I understand the need to make money, and sponsorship is a very effective way to do it, and I also understand the need to stay loyal to your fanbase, which sometimes might be at odds with the potential $$$. So I can see the dilemma that successful bloggers and YouTubers face trying to keep both readers/viewers and companies happy. But you handle this potential conflict perfectly, and right now, I especially love how you are so open about the sponsorship side. My trust in you has definitely grown. Don't stop being awesome.

  27. Oh no Shannon why did you show me these?! Haha they look incredible, can't wait til they hit NZ stores! I have Rich Gems and love it, but might have to add one of these to the collection too, maybe the Naturals. Would love to see a tutorial all from one palette, so you can recreate it by owning just one, instead of having to get all four. And you don't need to explain yourself! We all trust your opinion and know you're not a sell-out :)


  28. I'm new to blogging and Shan is a HUGE inspiration, if someone could review my blog I would be so so grateful :) xx

  29. Love your cheap and cheerful finds in NZ. It's fun to be able to buy good quality makeup cheaply. Keep up the great work! (Katherine)

  30. I want naturals and the metallic palette!

  31. I really want the naturals palette. I love a good basic palette that can create lots of looks. Can you please do a tutorial with some of the palettes.

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  33. Please please please would you make a tutorial using the chi chi elegant palette?! it would be amazing!

  34. I just confused on seeing these colour for what type skin this Palettes are used.

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