May 8, 2014

Recent Makeup Tutorial Videos - An Overview!

Hi pretty people!

I thought I would do a round-up of some of my favorite videos I have done recently, just in case any of you have missed them!

Links will be below the pictures if you want to check them out. Feel free to share any of my videos that you enjoy around on your social medias, it helps me out so much!

This look was super popular a couple of weeks ago! I really love the deep lips mixed with the light sultry eyes. If you have recreated this look make sure you #shaaanxo! 

This look was inspired by Kim Kardashian. It is a collab with my friend Giovanna, we decided to do videos inspired by my lash range xoBeauty. This look used my lashes in The Glamourista, to create a glam and sexy Kim K look! I think this is my ultimate favorite tutorial I've ever done!

This is a super sultry and sparkly look I created to inspire those of you heading to Prom! I would also wear this pretty purple look to any party or glam event... Love the glitter! Oh, and this was created using all drugstore makeup! Cool huh!?

This makeup look is one of my favorites. The blue lips are crazy, but somehow wearable still! Even so, you could swap the navy easily for a nude or red. The eye makeup is stunning! Coppers look great on every eye color and skin tone.

I bet you to it Rihanna! Check out this look I did a while ago featuring green lips. Super simple, but so bold and striking! Again, swap out that crazy green if you want a wearable look.

I am LOVING lilac and purple hues on my lips right now. This look shows you an easy but effective way to wear purple on your pout! This eye makeup is so beautiful.

This tutorial is so popular with you all! I used Collection makeup to create this look, which is a super affordable brand from Countdown Supermarkets. I love the contrasting eyeliner and lips!

Another deep lip tutorial, but this time featuring shimmery warm lids. I love this deep berry lip color so much, inspired by a tutorial on NikkieTutorials channel! Khloe Kardashian can do no wrong.

Thanks so much for watching, I hope you are enjoying my videos. Let me know what makeup looks you are keen to see next! I think I will film something VERY bright soon :)

Shannon xx


  1. Your photos are so beautiful! xo

  2. i looooove every makeup look you create :) <3

  3. These looks are gorgeous! A friend recommended I started watching your videos/blog and I'm so glad I did! Your makeup always looks gorgeous! xoxo

  4. Your eye colour is so stunning <3 <3

  5. I love how the collection makeup one turned out! Very beautiful :) I also love the top look with the dark lips, it took me a second to realise you were wearing contacts but it definitely works! x

  6. UGH that Kim K inspired look that you did around your lashes is my absolute FAVE! I went out and purchased gel liner and have started using it again and just ugh I LOVE IT. It has been my go to eye look lately! Stay fabulous Shan! xo

  7. I loved this one!! It's prob my favorite of them all. Can you please tell me where and how you placed Red Brick? It says it in the description bar but it's not shown. I'm just curious what you did with it. I have all the colors you used but Red Brick seems so,well, red and I can't see it? Does that make sense?? Lol thanks a bunch

  8. The colours look so amazing!
    I would totally rock them outdoors if i had the confidence :(

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