May 30, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection & Swatches, Review, Photos

Hey everyone! I recently purchased some of the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection from the USA website, as well as got some pieces sent to me from MAC Cosmetics for review. And I'm so happy I did, because this collection sold out super quick online! The NZ release dates will be at the bottom of my post, get in there quick before you miss out!

Anything with a * was bought myself.

Eyes take on a subtle radiance in tarnished olive, sea foam and darkened plum Extra Dimension Eye Shadow, lined with the pearlized black of Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner.  
Luminous Extra Dimension Blush gives cheeks a goddess glow and nails a glisten in aquatic chrome.  
Lipstick, Lipglass and Lip Pencil feature dark, mystical violets and ice-cold pearlized nudes. 

Limited-edition teal packaging, elegantly accented with sheer water droplets, leaves you totally seduced by the sea.  Bronzing primers and powders set summer skin refreshingly aglow, as Extra Dimension Bronzer washes over the face with a subtle gleam and Bronzing Powder sculpts and highlights in gentle pearlized shades with a touch of shimmer. 

First off, lets talk about the packaging. This collection definitely has my favourite packaging to date. I love the colour, I love how it is reflective, and most importantly - I love how it looks as if its wet! Yes, ladies and gents, the packaging has small textured water droplets all over. The packaging isn't smooth, you can literally run your fingers over the 'water' bumps. A very cool concept for an aquatic collection! Love love love!

First off is this nail polish, named Submurged. It is a dark olive toned teal with purple duo-chrome. I haven't tried this yet, as I do not often use nail polish. It is a STUNNING colour... reminds me of those cars from back in the day that would be a duo-chrome shade in the sun! Haha. It has a ton of small ultra-fine silver teal glitters.

Next is this lipstick, Enchanted One. At least, thats what I think it is. My products say 'sample use only' on the bottoms so I had to compare to other peoples swatches online. This colour is a mid tone neutral pinky nude.... Its not super pale, its just a beautiful everyday shade. It is super creamy when applied and very pigmented. LOVE this shade.

I wasn't expecting to like this colour. And I don't. I LOVE it! Metallics are on trend right now, so this is perfect. It is named the MAC Water Deities Lipglass. Its a nude pink with bronze shimmer! It has a decent amount of colour payoff. 

Next is a Bronzing Powder in Golden. This is permanant. A muted golden tan shade with shimmer. This isn't highly pigmented, and is best used on the cheeks for a bronzed glow. You couldn't contour or bronze with this as it isn't pigmented enough, and of course its useless for contouring as its shimmery and quite warm toned. I was slightly underwhelmed with this shade.

The other bronzer is better.

This shade is Refined Golden*, which is also part of the permanent line. This shade is warm and has a soft pearl finish. You can use this one to bronze up your skin with, or use it on your cheeks instead of blush. Its a gorgeous golden shade that will make you look freshly sun kissed!

Left is Golden, right is Refined Golden. 

I am a new-found fan of the MAC Extra Dimension Blushes. There are a bunch of Extra Dimension products in this collection - shades ranging in bronzers, blushes and eyeshadows. I thankfully was sent one of the blushes that were sold out online. This shade is named Seduced At Sea. It is a mid-toned neutral plum. I think it is gorgeous! Perfect for a natural shade on the cheek.

Unfortunately this was the only shadow I could get my hands on, because they were all sold out online! So a massive thanks to MAC for saving my butt. I LOVE this shade! It is amazing.
I want more. Crying.

This shade is called Legendary Lure, described as deep cerulean, whatever that means. To me, its more like a metallic Plumage by MAC. It is a deep peacock green with metallic shimmer. So smooth, pigmented and gorgeous! I'm in love.

Last are four pencils. The top two swatched are Black Swan* and Black Line*. These two are both Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners. Black Swan is a pearl black shade, and Black Line has gold shimmer through it. It almost makes it come off as a peacock green colour! I love it, so unique.

The bottom two are both lip pencils. Left is Half-Red*, and then to the right is What Comes Naturally*. Half Red is a soft burgundy red, which is perfect for the current season and trends. What Comes Naturally is a pale nude. I find this one chalky and dry, I'd probably give it a miss.

Okay now on to the rest of it! Below are the rest of the shades, prices, and launch details!

SIREN SONG sheer pale beige (lustre)
PET ME, PLEASE light shimmering mauve (frost) 
ENCHANTED ONE mid-tone neutral pink (matte) 
MYSTICAL mid-tone creamy rose (creme sheen
GODDESS OF THE SEA dark vibrant violet (creme sheen
RRP $44.00

CLEAR WATER sheer nude with multidimensional pearl 
PEACHSTOCK creamy true nude
WATER DEITIES light bronzy pink
SEDUCING SOUND mid-tone plum bronze

MODERN LURE deep violet with pink pearl 
RRP $42.00

HALF-RED soft burgundy
RRP $40.00

LORELEI golden beige
SEA WORSHIP tarnished olive
SILVER SUN mid-tone dirty sea foam green 

LEGENDARY LURE deep cerulean 
FATHOMS DEEP deep blue
SOUL SERENADE deep plum brown
RRP $46.00

BLACK LINE black with gold pearl 
BLACK SWAN black with pearl 
RRP $40.00 

REFINED GOLDEN finely spun golden with soft pearl 
GOLDEN muted golden tan-beige with shimmer 
RRP $52.00

APHRODITE’S SHELL golden bronze with a touch of fine shimmer 
DELPHIC soft brick tan with a touch of fine shimmer
RRP $66.00

SEA ME, HEAR ME beige pink
SEDUCED AT SEA mid-tone neutral plum 

RRP $60.00

SUBMERGED dark teal chrome 
NEPTUNE tarnished gold 
SHIMMERFISH sparkling aluminum 
RRP $28.00

RRP $85.00
RRP $73.00

RRP $56.00 

AVAILABLE NEW ZEALAND June 2, 2014 at all authorized M·A·C locations

That is everything for now! I will have another post up in a couple of days showing the MAC Osbourne collection with swatches! Exciting! Keep checking back here, and I'll also post a link on Facebook and Twitter. Check my links out to the right!



  1. I freakin love that packaging! I can't wait to get my hands on some! Please check out my blog!

  2. Argh there is just something about M.A.C isn't there? I love all their product names and all of the ltd edition packaging and just everything :) Thats the kid of makeup I could just swatch and play with all my life haha <3

  3. nothing amazing

  4. Ugh that packaging is amazing! I'm hanging out for the MAC X Lorde collab in July, hopefully I can get my hands on that lippy!

  5. Love the colours and the packaging 🎈

  6. isnt it meant to say lipgloss, where the price are ? j.w :)

    1. No the MAC calls them 'lipglass' :)

    2. Oops that 'the' isn't supposed to be there! Haha

  7. Absolutely kicking myself for not ordering when I had the chance now! It's probably the best limited edition packaging MAC have ever done.

    Amy | The Little Koala Blog ♥
    Blog Designs at | Little Koala Designs

  8. Seriously goood haul ! Love the packaging !

  9. Lol harlequin nails! That takes me back 10 years, I remember wanting to respray my little pocket rocket pulsar harlequin ahh the good ol days :D

  10. omg that packaging is awesome ♥ I kind of want to get stuff from the collection just because of the packaging now :p Great haul btw! love that you've been keeping up with your blog more lately :)

  11. The packaging alone is enough to make me want to buy them! This is a fantastic review, thanks for the swatches! I'm going to invest in the Legendary Lure shadow, so exciting and summery

    Kimberley xo

  12. I love the amount of time you put into writing out all this information. The packaging is more than amazing and it attracts your attention so quickly ! The swatches are so helpful and handy because now I know what to look for and I think I'm definitely going to try the Legendary Lure and I'm willing to pay top money for it :)

  13. That's a lot of MAC haul! I thought the packagings are wet at first LOL love their idea of the packaging, it suits the name really well...


  14. todo muy bello hay que ver cuando esta en Costa Rica esta linea!

  15. I went and picked up Enchanted Me and Submerged yesterday ^^ So glad to finally own enchanted me!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

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