May 29, 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner & Benefit They're Real Remover Overview!

Hi everyone!

Recently I was invited to Benefits latest launch party. None of the Bloggers attending this launch knew what the product was going to be, as Benefit kept it all a secret. All of the information was embargoed till the date of the New Zealand party, which was awesome because we were some of the first people around the world to find out what it was! 

Turns out, the party was for their revolutionary new Gel Eyeliner Pen. I never saw it coming, but I'm super pleased! There are some great ideas behind this product. Thank you Benefit, for always solving our beauty blunders!

Pagan Banfield, Olivia Mead, Sally Hickey, Kristina Webb, Kris Fox and Myself in the Benefit Photo Booth! So much fun

This pen is called the Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner - another addition to the world famous and top selling "They're Real" range. 

We were given these three products in a goodie bag. The famous 'They're Real' Mascara, the new 'They're Real' Remover and 'They're Real' Push-up Liner!

This eyeliner is one of a kind. The liners packaging is designed to fit perfectly in your hand like a pen, making it very comfortable and steady to use. It is a matte black GEL formula, not a liquid like most other liner pens. It has a unique tip, that pushes your eyelashes out of the way for easy application. Also, it has an angled tip so creating the 'cat eye' liner effect has never been easier! 

Marketed as the easiest eyeliner yet, Benefit are saying it can almost be used with one swift motion. This product definitely has the interest of bloggers and beauty lovers alike.

Keep an eye out for my first impression video coming very soon!

In my opinion, I think that this eyeliner is awesome - but I think it can also be improved in a few small ways. Let me explain.

The angle and design of the tip is exceptional. The nib pushes your lashes back, which is a huge plus for me. I have quite curly natural lashes, so I have always had the problem of not being able to see where I was drawing, especially when it came close to my lash line. Don't you hate it when you get a thin line along your lashes where you have missed with the product? That doesn't happen with this, it's brilliant.

The pen is easy to use and the angle makes it so easy to create a thin or thick line, and even easier to create the popular 'cat eye' liner effect.

Using the Benefit They're Real Pushup Liner and one coat of Benefit They're Real Mascara!

My problem is in the formula, although it seems to be getting better as I go. What I mean is that the first few applications were quite crumbly and dry. The gel seemed to be a bit less wet than a traditional pot and brush gel liner. But, as I said, I feel as though it's getting better as I use it. Perhaps it was the very front of the liner that was a bit dried up. Who knows! I hope so.

I find this easiest to apply when I only twist out one click of liner. If you twist out too much, it can snap off and crumble, becoming a nightmare. With one click, there is minimal product and it glides on beautifully.

This liner is 100% easier to use than a pot of gel liner. I'm quite new to gel formulas, so it takes me a good 10-15 minutes to evenly apply it with a thin brush. With this pen, it takes more like 4-8 minutes for application on both eyes. 

I don't think it's as easy as they market it, BUT it is definitely more fool-proof than most of the other eyeliners I have tried. I find you must go over a couple of times to get a really crisp and defined line, but it doesn't get quite AS sharp as my pot of liner plus a small brush. The formula dries matte and waterproof, and lasts all day long! Awesome!

So, over all, I am a fan of this liner. Does it live up to the hype? I'm not sure, but it definitely is an awesome product nonetheless! I find it best for day to day wear, because it is super dark and fast. I will use gel and a brush when I have more time because it looks a weeee bit sharper and neater.

Moving on to the other new product, They're Real Remover! I also included this in my First Impression video coming soon on my YouTube channel.

To keep it simple and sweet, it works. The formula is creamy and smooth. It is gentle, doesn't irritate my eyes, and effectively removes the Benefit They're Real Mascara - which is infamous for its lasting power.... its hard stuff to get off! I also love the packaging. Stay tuned on my channel to see more.

Back to the liner now, I should let you know that it goes on sale globally from June 27th. 

New Zealand! We are first Benebabes in the world to wake up - so get ready to head to Smith and Caughey Queen St earlier than usual at 8am. They will be equipped ready with a coffee cart, hot cops, and a photo booth as well for you early bird shoppers! Be quick, there is limited stock and I bet this will sell out fast! 

RRP $45nz

Thanks for reading,
Shannon xx 


  1. Ahhhh I need to try this eyeliner. Looks amazing! =] xx.

  2. Neeeed the remover the mascara stays forever sooo hard to get off normally.

  3. This product sounds super cool! I love benefit launches, so guttered I missed an invite to this one, it sounded like so much fun.
    anyway, love this review, might have to pop down on the 27th to buy one! ;)


    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
    Facebook + Instagram

  4. I need that remover so bad! The mascara has so much staying power! Check out my blog. If I get 20 followers by June 10th I'll be doing an amazing give away!

  5. I agree on the liner. I got this at the first launch in Auckland last months and it is quite gluggy. I was expecting it to be more gel like for example like mac fluid line but it's quite clumpy. I've used 5-7 times and not much change. I just have to really work at it to make it blend to the perfect line. It's is never done in one easy motion due to the texture. Ther remover and mascara are fantastic. Kaitlin chapman x

  6. This is a really great review - I'd like to see some more of your writing alongside videos of course.


  8. Haven't tried them yet, but I would really like to try that liner :) Beautiful blog design :)

  9. I have always been a fan of Benefit products and I'm so happy that they are finally making a "foolproof" liner (why hasn't this been done before?).

    Great photos and reviews, can't wait to get my hands on it!



  10. Sounds kind of neat. Thank you for giving us your 100% real opinions as always, Shan! xxx

  11. Great post Shannon! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek, they sound pretty great :)

  12. Hmm! I've been so curious about this product but honestly just by looking at the photos it looks like such a dry formula that I would think it would flake off. Hopefully they relaunch it with an improved formula.

  13. Great review, very thorough! Am looking forward to your impression video for the liner. Have you used the mascara in any of your vids before? This is the first I've heard of it. I'm definitely going to check out the remover, I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts and have been searching for something effective. Cheers :)

  14. Great review, very thorough! Am looking forward to your impression video for the liner. Have you used the mascara in any of your vids before? This is the first I've heard of it. I'm definitely going to check out the remover, I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts and have been searching for something effective. Cheers :)

  15. Lovely review~ the eyeliner has been getting a lot of hype once Benefit announced it and after reading your review of it doesn`t have a massive difference to the normal way of applying gel eyeliner from a pot but it seems a lot more convenient and easier nonetheless a great product! Love your 100% honest opinions Shannon! <3


  16. Maybelline actually has had the exact same product out since December or something here in Germany. It does resell here for 11-12€. I have tried it and it is a bit too dry for my taste. Getting an even line is quite har. I will have to wait for the Benefit liner to compare, but from the reviews I have seen so far, it appears to be very similar.

  17. Thanks for your honest opinion! I really want to give this liner a go. There's sooo many mixed reviews but I think it'll be worth the try. I came across your first impression video on Youtube! xx

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