Apr 10, 2013

MAC Sheen Supreme; Full Speed. Lip Swatches

Hiya everyone! Hope you are all having a good day - two more days till the weekend! Woo

Today I'm going to share with you.... my Lip Of The Day! I had to share swatches of my new MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Full Speed. I also show you below the two ways I like to wear it!

First off i'll share some good ol' hand swatches. Top to Bottom: MAC Ravishing, MAC Full Speed, MAC Betty Bright, MAC Costa Chic

So above are my natural lips, with some lip balm on. I have quite pinkish lips naturally unless I exfoliate them - then they go an ugly deep reddish pink which I can't stand.

Here is the packaging of the lipstick - very sleek and classy looking in my opinion.

Above is the color of Full Speed - it applies very smoothly and evenly, and has a natural kind of gloss look to it afterwards. I love the opacity levels, its not super chunky and chalky - but not super sheer. it has a very elegant coverage which never looks 'over the top' especially since it has that sheen finish.

Another way I love to wear it is below...

I take a concealer first to my lips and completely take the natural color away. And then you can see I look super hot with my concealer ghost lips ;) ....JK

I then apply a small amount of Full Speed on top of it. It turns into the BEST milky peach color ever. The best part is, the formula of the MAC lipstick is very moisturising so my lips don't suffer the usual dry side-effects of using concealer first.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I think i'll be doing more lip posts as I am a total lipstick junkie ;P

Have a fun and safe night,
Shannon x


  1. Love this colour and it looks stunning on you both ways of applying it!

  2. great blog post! amazing how the same shade opf lipstick can look so different with the two ways of applying. your eye colour is absolutely stunning btw!

  3. Love that colour! Where abouts is your necklace from? x

    1. Love that your back on the blog!!! xx

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. they look kinda like the wet n wild lipsticks! :D

  5. Cool that you started classic blog blogging again. Love both looks. Also cool that you show 2 pretty different styles with 1 Lipstick. Honestly, before i started watching your youtube videos it never accured to me, that i could mix/layer different lipsticks. So THANKS!

  6. You are so pretty!! Love both lipcolors <3 Kisses!

  7. Just discovered you have a blog, how have I been left out of the loop? ahah! Yay, off to read all of your posts! :D I love your blog layout, I have a similar one :)


  8. OMG i love it! thanks for all the help you give us! im so glad! keep doing it! <3 <3

  9. i really like your pick of lipsticks! :)

    they look really pretty!

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  10. Love Full Speed, its such a versatile colour!


  11. Love this post soooo much - such a great idea to use the concealer underneath Full Speed! I even linked this post when I wrote a recent post on my blog - love it! xx


  12. Hi. I found your post as I tried my friends sheen supreme the other day and I was looking for reviews. I tried Candy Apple and loved it! The colour was gorgeous. Great review, definitely going to have to get it now :) x
    Heroine In Heels

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