Apr 9, 2013

Current Romwe Finds!

Hey everyone!

So I decided to start Blogging again! I'm not going to give you guys a certain time frame of when I will be updating this Blog... I will just do it whenever I have some free time to do so! Hopefully at least a couple of times a week :)

I really wanted another platform to supplement my YouTube channel and Facebook page. Sometimes I feel like I spam your feeds too much on Facebook with things I have been buying and such.... So now I can post things like that on here! Also, I can do swatches and single product reviews here, because often I don't like to do small videos like that on YouTube.

So today I thought I would share with you some things off Romwe!
I always talk about Romwe. I love their site! At a first glance it can be overwhelming... 
There are a lot of items displayed and in many different niche styles and trends. A lot of it isn't my cup of tea.

However, after much filtering through, I always come out finding some real gems. In everyday life, I wear Romwe often because the things I have found are super cute!

Today I put together some things I have found recently that I love! I have already purchased a couple of these items, but the others are on my wishlist.

If you want to see more Romwe items, and see how they all fit on me, click here.

So here are my Romwe lusts as of now! Simply click the header to each item to go to the site.

Eagle Boy Crop: I feel like this would look so cute with some high waisted shorts, a big black knit, and a dark pair of tights for Autumn.

Casual Black Shorts: A total wardrobe must-have. So simple to style! Chuck them on with a cute top or baggy jumper and you're out the door.

Pom Pom Beanie: A super cute edition to any outfit for Autumn and Winter!

Striped Draped Blouse: I feel like this would look AMAZING with a bright statement necklace, or a nice tailored pair of jeans and some cute ankle booties.

Bart Shorts: I mean really? LOOK AT THESE. Yes, I bought them. Will I ever wear them? I honestly can't tell you.... I think they are just another stupid impulse buy, but I needed them (of course).

Batman Crop Top: The sleeves on this crop look like they are quite fitting which is what I really like about it. Sometimes with crop tops the sleeves are all over the place! I can't wait to see how this fits on me. I'll do a haul video when it arrives and try it on for you guys.

Denim Cross Shorts: The cross reminds me of Federation! Haha. Seriously though, I think they are adorable. Since they have the black accent detail to them I think you could wear these easily with black tights underneath in Autumn, and then of course transition them in to spring later this year.

Skull Clutch: The fabric looks really nice and soft! I hope it really is. I thought it would look cute with any cream coloured dresses or top and jean combo since the color isn't a pure ink black.

Sunnies: Remind me of Raybans! But much much MUCH more affordable and just as cute.

Cut Out Suspender Tights: I have seen these everywhere lately! I'm excited to (attempt to) style these! I envision them with an oversized chunky knit.

Thats it for now, I hope you enjoyed this post and the others to come soon!

Love you all,
Shannon x


  1. So glad to see that you're starting a blog Shannon!

    I've bought from Romwe before too, it's such a great site! They even have the cutest packaging for the clothes :)


  2. Hey Shan! Love the striped blouse, Love the blogging aswell! Sophie Brisbane xx

  3. you can easily make the tights yourself

  4. Yay you made a blog ah I'm so happy! Love your youtube and I can tell I'm going to love your blog :)



  5. Love the blog!! You don't over take my facebook, I love to see all the things that you post wish you did more. Cuase otherwise I see posts from my friends and family day ha-ha <3 Love the clothes!!!

  6. I love your style, Shan. Great to see that you're blogging! You are one busy chica. :)

  7. Oh my goodness... This site has some GORGEOUS stuff! Ahhh bye-bye money...

  8. The striped blouse is actually a Zara item. Romwe buys a lot of their clothes from Asian countries such as Thailand and China, and also wholesale branded clothes and replace tags and then overprice them and sell them! not that some of the stuff is super unique coz those shorts are adorable :)
    but just an insight!


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