Dec 4, 2011

NYX Matte Lipstick Swatches & Comparisons

Heya :)

I know I did a video already on these lipsticks, but I wanted to photograph the colors and some other colors that are comparable, or just other shades to show comparison. I did lip swatches and also swatches on my hand, because I know sometimes its hard to tell what its going to look like just from a color swatch.

Above: Bare Lips, Blistex on.

Above: Pale Pink

Above: Hippie Chic. You can see how the formula is different here, kinda dry and chunky, even over the blistex

Above: Nude.

(L-R) Hippie Chic, Nude, Pale Pink

Top, L-R: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Tokyo, NYX Matte Pale Pink, NYX Round Narcissus, NYX Round Strawberry Milk, NYX Black Label India.
Bottom, L-R: Boots Natural Collection Rose Petal, Barry M 100, ELF Runway Pink, MAC Creme Cup, YSL #7

L-R NYX Matte Hippie Chic, NYX Black Label India

Top L-R: NYX Matte Nude, NYX Round Orange Soda, Revlon Soft Nude
Bottom L-R: Michael Todd Bone, NYX Black Label Nude

Heres my full review on video if you want to know my opinion:

Shannon xox


  1. Thanks so much for this post!
    Your photos really make the colour stand out and it seems to much more pure and true!
    I'm thinking about buying one, which one would you recommend the most?
    x Leah

  2. Gorgeous swatches :) thanks for the post ^^

  3. Those colors are really pretty *-*
    Thanks for the post ;3

  4. i love all of the colors

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  6. thank you Shann...I love your videos is great...

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  8. Nice swatches! I have Bloody Mary and Pure Red and I also find the formula somewhat tricky - I mean, they're difficult to apply. But given the price and the pigmentation, I like them a lot. I've done a review on my blog, you could check it out if you'd like:

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