Dec 7, 2011

New Shoes - Jeffery Campbells & Hannahs

Heyaaa! If you watch my Vlog channel, where I do follow me around slash day in the life videos, you know I have bought a couple of pairs of shoes this week! I love them so much, I wanted to do a blog post to show you the details. I'm wearing my JC's right now as I type :D

First pair I got from Hannahs. $99.00, but it was buy one get half off, and the three of us (bridesmaids) paid together and divided by three to make it fair. I think these are in the sale section, so if you want them go now! Especially while they have this good deal - there were lots of CUTE pairs <3

Here are some piccies!

Annnd they look 5x better on than in these photos! They are super flattering and a super nice neutral nude pink color.

Here are my JC's! They are the Mariel style, in the black floral. I took some close ups of the print so you can see. I love these! SO comfy, so high, and believe it or not - they go with so many different clothing items and outfits.

I got these for like $70 (can't remember exactly and cbf going to my room atm) and they RRP for $200 ish at Shoe Connection. I was NOT going to pay over $130 for them, and at the moment they are $180 at Shoe Connection on sale.

These were from a random shoe clearance liquidation site next door to Wildpair in Palmerston North. Enjoy the eye-candy :D

Theres my post for the day! More posts, especially swatches, to come soon.

Love you guys,

Shannon xox


  1. I love those nude pumps!! Gorgeous!!

  2. your jc are gorgeous!

  3. Wow they're both so gorgeous! Xxx

  4. i want those nude pumps!!!

  5. OMG Love the JC's, to die for!

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  7. Love the nude pumps! Jeffrey Campbells are so comfortable!

  8. can u do a shoe collection on youtube

  9. I always have a problem with how shoes from Hannahs fit my feet which is so sad because those shoes are awesome, and as is standard with ALL Jeffrey's, I love them <3

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