Dec 2, 2011

Nars Angelika Blush vs. Elf Fushia Fusion DUPE

The other day I received my ELF order, and saw that my new ELF blush in the shade Fushia Fusion is super similar to my Nars Angelika blush, which has been a favorite of mine this month. Here are some pictures, and at the end i'll tell you my verdict on how close they are, and what one I like more. 

Above and below are photos of my face with no blush. Only wearing foundation and a tiny amount of Bourjois bronzer.

And above and below is with blush.

This side (above photo) is Nars Angelika,

And this side (above) is Elf Fushia Fusion.

On the face, they look practically the same. Same shimmer, same pink, apart from one difference. The Elf blush is a tiny bit baby pinker - think MAC Well Dressed. Angelika is a more powerful and bright color, but that difference is tiny. If you want this pretty pink effect, either one will do. And I do not find the shimmer to be over bearing at all, either :)

I applied each blush with a different, clean brush each time to make sure the color was 100% pure.

I prefer Nars packaging, even though it gets even dirtier then Elfs one. The mirror is bigger, the glue appears to be stronger, the packaging is sturdier, and the label on the back is bigger, clearer, easier to read. The only bonus to the Elf is that you can see the color through the top of the lid.

Left: Nars | Right: Elf

You can see here what I mean by Elf's being a bit more pinker/lighter/pastel/milky. Ever so slightly, as if a tiny bit of MACs Well Dressed was blended in with Nars Angelika.

Overall they are so similar that I would have to say I prefer Nars Angelika. Thats because I prefer the packaging and the texture of the blush, it blends better and has slightly better pigmentation than the Elf one. But, for the price, if you want this color go for the Elf one. I probably would have if I had known, and didn't already have the Nars one. :)

Shannon xox


  1. What mascara are you wearing? Your lashes look gorgeous! (Great dupe, too, lol.)

  2. @NeutraKris im using Maybelline Great Lash :)

  3. they look almost the same, but nars blushes are amazing and very long lasting

  4. Beautiful pink to cheeks.You are pretty :-)

  5. your eyes look gorgeous here! xxx

  6. ooh! thank you for this post! I really want the Elf Fushia Fusion one. I already have the flushed so I'm excited to get kind of like an upgrade! haha

  7. your skin is flawless, so glad I found your blog! Btw what mascara do you use?

  8. What lipstick are you wearing?

  9. i just saw this image on google and i'm shocked at how dark your hair used to be!!

  10. You look so different with black hair, Still a beauty regardless though! I will probably be going with Angelika on this one, great dupe though! Thanks!

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