Nov 23, 2011

NYC Blushable Creme Sticks

I went on Ebay the other day to look for some NYC Creme Sticks. I remember ages ago everyone and their dog raved about these, and I only just thought about looking on Ebay for them (LOL dumbass).

I found two. I went on Ebay, typed in NYC Creme Stick, hit "lowest price & shipping" and purchased the cheapies ;)

I got the colors "Plaza Pink" and "Pink Flash". Both are fantastic spring shades. I love to wear cream products on my cheeks in the warmer months, so these will be perfect, along with my new NARS Multiple in Orgasm (which I love).

Here are some pictures and swatches! I'll get on to the review after these.

Top: Plaza Pink. Bottom: Pink Flash

Top/Right: Plaza Pink. Bottom/Left: Pink Flash

Packaging: 2/5
Pigmentation: 5/5
Blendability: 4/5
Texture: 4/5
Longevity: 5/5

Overall: 20/25

As far as packaging goes I feel like it is SO ugly. I gave it 2/5 because it works. What I mean by that... Its pretty easy to apply, as it is in a stick form and you can apply it directly to the face, however you need to be careful you do not apply too much, as i'll elaborate on soon.

Pigmentation is excellent. I gave it 5/5 because I can't fault it. It gives off a huge amount of color with one small swipe on the skin, even more than on the paper you can see here. I will show you swatches on the skin below.

Blendability is awesome. I gave it 4/5 which is pretty darn good. Because of the texture, 4/5 also, it just blends so nicely into the skin. The texture is almost kind of silicon feeling. Its just super soft and not chunky or thick at all. You just need to be careful, as said in packaging, if you apply it right from the tube. Because its so pigmented, it is so easy to apply a bunch too much. You can use a brush directly onto the stick and apply it that way to minimize the risk of adding far too much. A little goes a LONG way.

Longevity is excellent too! Even swatching it alone on my hand, it stays there most of the day, even after a few washes of my hands! Thats why it earnt a 5/5. On my cheeks, at least, it lasts all day. Especially when used with a blush or setting powder on top. Thumbs up from me! :)

Here are some cheek swatches of Pink Flash:

Excuse the less than perfect photos. Slapped on some foundation for the photo, literally. LOL

Hope you all liked this review.

Shannon xox


  1. Thanks for this review I had been curious about these.I've only tried out nyc lipsticks and powder blushes .For such an affordable price I love it!

  2. I wish we could get these products in the UK as they look so nice! the colour's goregous xxxx

  3. NYC are discontinuing these blushes so it could be found for $1 USD at DollarTrees. I have one in every color =)

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