Nov 22, 2011

More Accessories!

It seems that bling is my guilty pleasure. Only once have I spent full price on an item from there, and even then the thing I bought was only $7.99

I think they were having a sale in general, can't remember how it went, they always have things reduced or buy one get one, buy two get one.. etc, etc.

I got three things the other day & thought I'd share since these are in stock still. I was a good blogger and even kept them in their packaging, nice and new :D

Here's what I got :)


This cute cross ring :) It looks like a double finger ring from the top, but its really a single finger one... Which I like. It means its more comfortable to wear IMO. Super cute! There was also a cross like this with chunkier diamantes, but I thought this one was cuter.

This ring is TOO cute! I had to have it :) It has the prettiest design on it. I love the embedded crystals!

These look familiar? I have these in pink too... I LOVE THEM! I saw them in black and needed them ASAP. ;)

Hope you enjoyed,
Shannon xox


  1. I love the black earrings I will wear them.

  2. I want the cross ring! I didnt know they did them singular I just bought a double one off of ebay!

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