Jul 14, 2011

Small Hamilton Haul

Went up to Hamilton with my Mum this week, and decided to do a small haul post, just because this stuff is in stores now and you still might be able to pick up some deals :)

I got, from Equip, these three bracelet things. I actually have no idea what they are for real but I wrap them around my wrists and they look pretty :) I got black, beige and pink. Nail tutorial coming soon on my YouTube channel soon by the way :)

$1 moisturiser from Postie. Its super good and great for your handbag :) I have gone through like 10 of these :)

I got this tan to try out, it was $10

These are from Glassons, reduced to $7 but it was buy one, get one.

And I got this handbag from Glassons also. Couldnt get a decent photo of it but... It was $40 and its beautiful :)

Have a great day xox


  1. Happy to see you found some bargains here in Hamilton. Have you been out to The Base yet? The new mall there is very good.
    If you're looking for vlog ideas, I'd love to see what you can do with other face shapes and ages and hair and skin tones etc. Maybe bribe a friend to be a guinea pig? But love your videos regardless. All the best.

  2. Love the nails :) cute stuff ^^

  3. Yay for tan in a can. Its great! and I love how you made the necklace into a bracelet! I have the same and I dont really like it as a necklace soooo I might steal your idea! xo

  4. I love the bracelets! so pretty and girly.

  5. these are lovely.

    i love you on youtube!

    ckeck out my blog and follow if you like :)
    BreezeyBee Blog

  6. ooohhh loveing them bracelets! Is that moisturizer that good for dry skin?

  7. i nominated you for a blog award!
    check it out: http://sarahbeyea.blogspot.com/2011/07/one-lovely-blog.html


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