Jul 12, 2011

Current Loves

Hey everyone. I'm desperately going to try and start blogging regularly again, hopefully I can keep it up for at least a few weeks while I'm not at university. I'm sitting in my Mums car in Te Awamutu while she's in a store, have my camera on me, and my t-stick... so here are some current loves of mine that I bought along in my travel makeup bag :)

Basically I have been loving, and wearing everyday, NYX India Black Label Lipstick, MAC Well Dressed Blush (Orrrr Pink Swoon, which is similar) and two colors from the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette.

Pink Swoon and Well Dressed are super similar, and both give a youthful, radiant, pink glow to my cheeks. It freshens up my complexion perfectly and I cannot go without theseeeeee! Absolute love.

I don't even know what to say about India. It has been featured in many of my latest videos, one of them being my favorite lipsticks. Its such a fresh pink toned coral peach. I'm terrible at trying to explain this color but you need to try it out, I swear it is so amazing. Favorite thing ever, along with MACs Playing Koi which I cant find. DOH.

And for my Naked Palette, my everyday eye look has been consisting of Virgin and Hustle. Hustle is a deep brown shade, it almost has purple tones in it similar to MACs Satin Taupe, and compliments my greeny brown eyes perfectly. Virgin is an amazing ivory champagne color, I would love to know if you can buy this color alone? I predict hitting pan in no time. I wear Virgin all over the lid, with Hustle in the crease.

Thats all from me and hopefully I will have another post up very soon,
Shannon xox


  1. I really need that lipstick in my life now!! great picks :)

  2. Do you have a keyboard cover on your mac? If so where is it from?x

  3. i love well dressed, it really does the prettiest glow! id love to try some nyx products sometime, that lipstick looks so lovely for summer x

  4. This makes me want to go out and buy the Nyx lipstick Now :-)

  5. i'm obsessed with my well dressed blush! it suits you very well too =)


  6. What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are amazing!

  7. where did you get the naked palette from.

  8. Te Awamutu, haha

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