May 14, 2011

Mini MAC Haul

Sooo, my YT friend Ginelle lives near a MAC counter, and that is 3 hours away from where I live (we don't have one in my city) so she offered to pick me up some things and send them up to me! I gave her the money and she went and got these things for me right away, she's so super sweet and totally gorgeous, so defo check out her YouTube beauty channel at 

The first things I got were two lipsticks from the Quite Cute collection :) 
I was so super excited to get these, and I adore them both! Totally recommend them :)

Left: Playing Koi
Right: Saint Germain

You will have to excuse my focus, using a brand new camera (Canon EOS 60D) and its got like no charge on it and I was in a rush LOL
So Playing Koi is like a peachy toned nude color, which is totally me :)
and St Germain is a barbie pink! Kind of blue toned but not too much. I love it :)

Above, Playing Koi


Above, St Germain.

Excuse my lips, was swatching and wiping them lots and my lips are SUPER dry right now since the weather is changing so much and getting windy and cold :(

Annnnnd, Lip Liners!! My first time trying MAC lipliners and already they are sooo much better than any I own. These ones actually glide on really nice and are pigmented.

Above, Naked

Above, In Synch

Again, gross lips. The liners aren't amazingly creamy that they moisturise of course, but they do glide on really well. My lips are being put through hell right now doing all of these swatches lol :\
They do show imperfections as you can see, but with a gloss or lippie on top, they look great! As can be seen in my Lipstick Swatches (I used In Synch)

The liners retail for about $36NZD, and the lippies $40NZD

Hope you guys enjoyed this,
Shannon xox


  1. oh em gee. i just got playing koi and naked today haha ! they look really nice on you btw x

  2. Saint Germain is my FAV! I loved the entire Quite Cute collection. U r so lucky to have Playing Koi, it sold at the Nordstrom and MAC stores where I live in 1 day! Crazy huh!

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