Feb 11, 2011

My Newest Nude/Pink Lipsticks! Swatches

A blog post on my newest Lipsticks!
(But I admit, I bought some lippies yesterday too, my bad :P haha)

(L-R) Gosh Darling, MAC Cremecup (Cremesheen), MAC Hue (Glaze), Boots 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in 'Bee-hive'

So firstly, Gosh's Darling. After hearing all the hype on YouTube, I saw this color in a store here in Ireland called A-Wear. I picked one up for about 10Euro, which isn't much cheaper than the MAC lipsticks that I bought, so at first I wasn't impressed. However, it has quickly become a favorite of mine! I love nudes. This nude is about as nude as you can get without looking dead or gross :P
It leans pink, goes on like butter - smooth and moisturising. And although it goes on smelling amazing, after a while the smell fades to a waxy one which isn't so nice. I still love this though and would recommend it - Will be buying a backup for sure.

Mac Cremecup was one I picked up because swatched on my hand at the counter, it came out as the prettiest pale pink/nude color. However on my lips it doesn't look so flattering. So to make it work, all I do, is start out with either a super nude color like Gosh Darling or Elf Natural Nymph, OR a thin layer of concealer/foundation on my lips to cancel out my lip color. It then goes on as it looks, a pretty pink :) This is too much effort for daily wear however, so i'll probably only be wearing it on camera, unless I have a super nude lippie on hand in my purse or whatever. This cost me 10.60 Pound at Heathrow Duty Free in the Airport. (London)

MAC Hue was another raved about color - but more neutral pink toned. What do I have to sya about it? The same as Cremecup, I need a neutral base to pull it off or its not pigmented or a flattering color on my natural lip tone. But, I do still love it and its a great color and as always, I love the smell of MAC lipsticks.

Boots 17 lipstick in Bee-hive is great! I mentioned in my video that its the color of my lips, but better. It goes on in almost the same tone, but a bit pinker and brighter, making my lips look healthier. I love the formula too - SUPER moisturising and leaves the lips with a glossy finish. Its the perfect color for me to throw on, that I know is going to look fairly natural and very pretty. As you can see, it's also a similar tone to MACs Hue, but the two products' finishes set the colors apart. Perhaps its Hues finish that doesn't suit my lips?

Do you own any of these? Like them, want them? What lipsticks shall I try out next :D


  1. They're all pretty colours! My favourite is MAC Hue, I love neutral pink and peach tones. Here are my current favourite nude lipsticks!


  2. Hiya Hunni

    I definitely recommend Pretty Please by Mac. I used it on a FOTD on my blog have a look. Its a gorge colour xx

  3. @PopBlush i'll take a look :)

    @Elle i have pretty please I thiiiiink, super light pink? i dont wear it too often but i must pull it out :)

  4. Thank u for this=) i have light skin like u and like to only wear pinks and nudes they look so good on u gorgeous girl!

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