Jan 5, 2011

Makeup From Latest Video

You can view the video here (clicky)
The video is a question and answers one, so thank you to everyone who submitted a question :)

In the video, I am wearing a green and brown eye look. Here are the colors I used :)

On the lid, I used the green from ELFs Natural Nymph Quad, from the one dollar line. It is such an amazing color!
In the crease, i'm wearing Stilas Tolima, its a medium cool matte brown shade.
In the inner corner is GDE Cloud Coverage, a beautiful crisp white shade. Next to that is Urban Decay Half Baked, with just a touch on the inner 1/4.
In the outer edge is Carbon by MAC

I hope you all enjoyed your day! Here, it is humid and waaay too hot to function.


P.S, stay tuned for many more blog posts to come! x


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