Jun 8, 2010

Day 6. Hmm...

Whatever tickles my fancy?
Well, I'll share with you why I have been slack on this challenge (fail)
and havent been posting EVERY day, have been trying though :(

Been super busy photographing my 'male models' for my photography, doing design work and writing an english thingy, and I worked extra on sunday, and had work tonight, and had ALOT to do on my day off yesterday to do with school etc... :)

But, will get on top of things by the weekend, prob will do an outfit of the day this week and a tutorial, haul or review on the weekend for you guys!

Thanks for baring with.

Here is a part of my design that i drew up quickly (LOL took an hour) on photoshop ..

She is meant to be an anorexic... long story, its a juxtaposition. Beauty vs ugly, seen vs unseen, etc etc.... Its not done in this photo, but done its the same plus hair lol. (I have completed it)

So yeah, its 9.41pm and im going to bed now! Have a driving lesson tomorrow and am also going to town, dunno if i'll shop, I already got some make-up off trademe :)