May 15, 2010

Green tea!

So... I am insanely sick. I have a Vicks inhaler, Panadol lemon drinks, Night & Day tablets, tissues, and.... GREEN TEA. So I'm feeling like crap right? (I sneezed so hard before I headbutted my cupboard door in search of my green tea sachets) So, I made a cup of green tea, which I am drinking as we speak (OR as I type...)

Andddddd... I decided to do some research into green tea... Just cause I have no life. :)
I found some of this stuff pretty interesting!

Apparently, green tea has as many antioxidants as TEN glasses of red wine (ick) and 200 grams of dark chocolate (also ick :P). Also, the caffeine (which I've heard is alot more than coffee and regular tea :S) apparently doesn't give you the jitters as the typical coffee does, but keeps you alert. (bad thing I'm drinking it before bed?) It also says that plain green tea paired up with exercise is a good way to burn fat, as there are little/no calories. Also - helps speed up the metabolism (yay, chilli also does, did you know?)
BUT... this tea is meant to stain your teeth... HARDCORE. So I'm not so keen on that (brushing teeth soon ;)) and of course alot of tea is not good for you. AND it says it may interact with some drugs you may be on... but meh, I'm not right now :)

I think it tastes pretty good... What about you? :)
The heat of this tea is making my throat feel a bit better and my nose feels a little clear. I had it plain with boiled water.

- Shannonnnn xx


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