Feb 3, 2010

I have a BLOG!

So, the other day one of my subscribers asked if i had a blog, and i've always wanted to make one, so I did :)

On here you will probably find a mix of photos, swatches, rants, reviews, reviews on my day, and anything else I feel would look good on my page ;)

SOOO, follow my blog, leave some love, check my youtube and twitter (find links on my profile box thingy)

HERE (at the top) are some photos to start out with that you may be familiar with... they're on some of my youtube videos. ;)


  1. omg I love how you do your cheeks. haha like it's soo pretty I just love it girl!

    I am now following your blog.


  2. Pretty lady! I love your blog background.

  3. Hi!!! I like the photos of your make up :) It looks really good on you. May be one day u can tell us how u do your cheeks, because its true, they look really well :) Cheers!